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Idaho is about leadership, at multiple levels. Idaho has fantastic leadership at the local and state level, and Idaho is a leader among states. We’re here to celebrate Idaho’s Leadership, and improve further through discussion towards good governance.

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Our daily lives in Idaho are impacted most by Local Leadership. The good news is that we have fantastic local leaders in many cities and towns, counties, and boards in Idaho who are accessible and listening. Idaho Leadership Forum hosts forums discussing local topics with local leaders to improve local Idaho Leadership.

Leadership within the State of Idaho, addressing issues at the scope of our State, is crucial to Idahoans. Excellent leadership in State government, education, non-profits, and businesses raises the quality of life and makes Idaho an attractive place for those fleeing poorly led states. Idaho Leadership Forum hosts events focused on State level issues.

Idaho leads in our region and our nation on many issues. Idaho lead the way on nuclear energy, Constitutional Carry, marketing license plates, and more. Now Idaho is leading the way in election integrity, robots rights, and other issues. Idaho is uniquely positioned to be a leader among states on many issues, and Idaho Leadership Forum hosts discussions on Idaho Leadership in regional and national scope issues.